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Certificate & Credentialing

Demonstrate your professionalism by participating in SNA’s Certificate or Credentialing Programs. Choose the pathway that is right for you, from the four levels of the Certificate Program to sitting for the Credentialing exam, you can continue your professional growth while advancing you career.

All Certificate and Credentialing is done nationally through SNA. Any link below will reroute you to SNA's website.


Certificate Program

Earning your Certificate in School Nutrition increases your knowledge of food safety and nutrition and demonstrates your commitment to your profession.

How to Earn Your Certificate
How to Change Certificate Levels
Earn CEUs
Renew/Maintain Your Certificate Online


The SNS Credential is a mark of excellence and achievement that reflects the expertise needed to manage school nutrition programs in today’s challenging climate.

SNS Credentialing Exam Handbook
SNS Benefits, Requirements and Fees

Calculating CEUs
Renew/Maintain Your SNS Credential
How to Earn Training Hours for Professional Standards


SNS Preparation Central

As you begin to prepare for the SNS Credentialing Exam, check out SNA’s resources to help you on your journey to become SNS Credentialed.

SNS Study Guide
School Food & Nutrition Service Book
Studying Tips & Tricks
Preparation Course


Key Area 1: Nutrition
Menu and Nutrition Management (17% of exam)

Key Area 2: Operations
Facilities, Technology, and Equipment Management (5% of exam)

Food Production and Operation Management (15% of exam)

Procurement and Inventory Management (5.5% of exam)

Food Security, Sanitation and Safety (14.5% of exam)

Key Area 3: Administration
Financial Management (16% of exam)

Human Resources Management (10% of exam)

Program Management and Accountability (10% of exam)

Key Area 4: Marketing and Communications (7% of exam)